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John Umemoto Photography

Honolulu, Hawaii 96818

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I have been a photographer professionally since the early 90's after college I landed a position as a photo lab technician at a local professional photo lab in Honolulu where I learned a multitude of skills you would never experience in a college setting. I came in contact with a number of very successful commercial photographers, graphic artists, and advertising agencies.  I must say I learned a great deal from all of them including my boss at the photo lab. About that same time I met an advertising photographer who frequented the lab on a regular basis, his assistant/studio manager was leaving and he offered me a position working at his studio I jumped at the chance to work with a very successful and well known photographer in the local community in short I spent six years there being educated in every aspect of photography from shooting to how to negotiate with your client in a professional relationship. I enjoyed my time working and learning my trade my employer  was not just my boss but my mentor and a great friend as well

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